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Anyone can shave a pet... It takes a professional to Groom your pet.

Welcome to Diggidy Dog, a small scale grooming facility with big expectations. Hi, my name is Coleena and I am hoping to be lucky enough to be your new pet groomer. I have 14 years experience in pet grooming and personally train all of my groomers. At Diggidy Dog, we pride ourselves on delivering the WOW FACTOR! If your not getting the WOW FACTOR from your current groomer, please give us a try.

I take full responsibility for all grooms that leave my shops. At Diggidy Dog we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction to our four legged friends and their owners. Your pets comfort is my top priority! Our intimate and relaxing atmosphere takes the stress out of our customer's visit. Perfect for pets of all ages. Most grooms only take 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. 95% of our customers are by appointment, we do take drop ins, but owners must realize that drops ins may take longer than the average as we fit your pet in-between appointments.

The benefits of keeping your pet groomed are countless! Professional grooming not only keeps your furry friend looking great but also feeling great. The health of the outside of your pet is just as important as the inside. If your pets coat is matted or full of undercoat, your pet will have trouble regulating body temperature. This is very dangerous in our Texas summer heat. Through regular grooming, I can notify you of health issues you may not be aware of such as skin diseases, ear infections, lumps and bumps, tooth problems and so much more. Keeping your pet clean and tangle free also helps keep the bugs off.